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TI is mainly known for its Chip inside the Droids, the Motorola droid, Droid X and many other devices. After the droid X we have not seen any new processors from TI and it was sad to see that no TI processors were used in the Motorola Atrix and the Droid Bionic. TI had announced its OMAP 4 processor long back which was dual core and 1GHZ but no devices sporting the OMAP 4 have been announced yet except for the Blackberry Playbook. Just yesterday TI announced about its latest brain child the OMAP 5.

The Texas Instruments OMAP 5 will have two ARM Cortex A15 MPCores which are able to clock upto 2 GHz, yes 2 GHz! Which will also be a quadcore chip. The first 2 cores will be 2 Ghz each and the additional two cores will be Cortex M4 ultra-low power consumption processors, these two cores will be used for standby and low power computing. TI will be the first manufacturer to bring the quadcore processors into the market. The competitions now is getting interesting with NVIDIA’s Quad-core chip (Tegra 3?) coming out shortly, Qualcomm bringing in its new processor with the Adreno 220 GPU and Samsung coming out with its own Orion Processor.

This chip will also support up to four camera for 3d recording, 1080p playback. We are really excited about this processor and how useful it will be in givin high battery life. We hope that we see this chip in devices by the end of this year and benchmark it.