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Datasheet: TLC2272CDR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

File Size: 1342kb



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"Although, according to international research institutions predict that the global IC industry revenue in 2009 will fall more than 5%, 30% of equipment spending will decline, but the domestic policy environment continues to improve Chinas IC industry will help deal with the current adverse situation. "The official said that China will increase support for the integrated circuit industry, and IC TLC2272CDR and focus on industrial restructuring, enterprise integration and industrial chain, etc. aspects, relying on the domestic market to establish long-chain management system industry, driven by major projects the overall development of IC industry chain. While policy-oriented, promoting foreign investment focus will gradually shift from the OEM key technology R & D and production of core components, continue to extend the industrial chain.

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So far, the traditional automotive electronics products have reached a high penetration rate, and TLC2272CDR Suppliers and "automotive" of a deeper level, the cost of accounting for automotive vehicle the increasing proportion of the cost. By 2006, the traditional automotive electronics EMS (Extended convenient system), ABS (anti-lock braking system), airbags and other vehicles in the domestic rate is more than 80%. In 2005, the automotive electronics in the cost of automotive products for all domestic accounts for close to 10%, the future will reach 25%, while in industrialized countries, the proportion has reached 30% to 50%. Formosa Epitaxy is that the orders for the current situation, the size backlight and powerchip demand better, as demand has picked up other products, the situation is not very obvious.


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The official said the Peoples Bank of China, from October 2008 onwards repeatedly lowered interest rates, home appliances to expand the scope of the policy, which will be Chinas IC industry to create a favorable external environment. State Department "to encourage a number of software and TLC2272CDR Price and IC industry policy" is about to expire, the Chinese government is accelerating the introduction of new alternative policy, the policy will give greater support to the IC industry. The recent introduction of electronic information has light industries and fully implemented in 2009, which will promote the integrated circuits and other key areas of major projects, and guide central and local governments to expand investment in major projects in the procurement of electronic products, information systems and related services ratio. 3G mobile communications, digital television, multimedia application and promotion of products, IC products will boost a new round of growth.