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NXP Semiconductors NV today announced a new SOT1226 "Diamond" package, which is the world's smallest universal logic package, with a unique design of the pad spacing. New SOT1226 size of only 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.35-mm leadless plastic package, the volume is smaller than the previous world's smallest logic package NXP SOT1115, 25%.

Although the size is smaller, but the SOT1226 pad pitch of 0.5-mm, 50% higher than before, so that the welding easier, saves time and costs for engineers. The package is ideal for the design of cutting-edge portable devices such as smart phones, PCB space is very key to this type of design. The Diamond package shape is unique, space-saving logic solutions, enabling the device to minimize manufacturing costs related to the smaller pad spacing mode and does not increase.

The typical package manufacturing process using 0.3-mm or 0.35-mm pad pitch, the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) using the step-down mask in order to successfully install the device on the PCB and packaging factory. The diamond package with a larger pad spacing (up to 0.5-mm), using the step-down mask is no longer needed in the welding process, cost savings for manufacturers. In addition, the larger pad pitch of the Diamond package provides a greater degree of exposure to space, so that the component layout is easier, and also increased the bond strength and stability, while reducing short-circuit risk. The larger pad pitch PCB packaging to avoid some costly mistakes, such as bridging or contact form accidental bridging, such errors may lead to electrical equipment can not be used.

NXP Semiconductors Logic, director of marketing: Kristopher Keuser, mobile device designers often face the challenge of adding more functionality in smaller portable device space, which in turn lead to new challenges. NXP's new The Diamond package is a change the rules of the game's solution, does not increase the manufacturing cost of the premise, so that our customers can be smaller geometric space carried out design, and be able to achieve customer throughout the product combination of standardization. the product highlighting the NXP pump for a commitment to lead the industry in innovation and understanding of the market, smaller, cheaper and more reliable solution is the driving force of the market. "

50-year History of Logic: to promote the miniaturization trend

NXP has always been committed to the logic of market development, for investment in new technology and new packaging technology and packaging facilities, to provide cutting-edge products. In the past 50 years, the business of NXP logic - from Signetics and Philips Semiconductors - to meet growing worldwide demand for logic products. As the world's largest shipments suppliers, NXP supports the largest bulk of the logic of product demand, while providing a wide variety of industry-leading packaging solutions.


5-pin package

· 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.35 mm

· 0.5 mm pitch

· World's smallest package with the universal low-voltage CMOS (LVC) and ultra low power (the AUP) CMOS logic functions