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NXP Semiconductors has introduced the industry's first high performance I2C bus controller, the controller can also support fast mode Plus (Fm +) and the new super-fast mode (UFm) specifications, new specifications to send data transfer rate up to up to 5 Mb / s. PCx966x range of products for each channel to provide 4.25 super-kB data cache, can significantly reduce host processor interrupt specific repeatability, data-intensive LED controller and the stepper motor (such as the gaming industry) the application of efficient I2C design optimization.
I2C bus NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor) invented 30 years ago, an intuitive and powerful serial structure based on a simple two-wire format to replace the complexity of the parallel interface chip to chip communication with to revolutionary change. I2C bus continues to be widely used in the computing and enterprise system management and control, as well as portable and consumer applications, because it can reduce IC footprint, thereby reducing system cost. The new ultra-fast mode (UFm) rate up to 5 MHz, a one-way push-pull serial bus, very suitable for the LED driver does not require feedback controllers and other devices. With the UFM and Fm + bus controller, NXP improve the management of large and complex data transfer, improved the ability of the anti-electric shock, which greatly enhances the the I2C performance of the Japanese pachinko slot machines and other gaming systems.
Positive evaluation of
• NXP's interface products, international product marketing manager Stephen Blozis said: "durability excellent solution for a class of professional games like pachinko and slot machines can reduce the host processor to interrupt the case, to achieve very fast, complex, large-scale data transmission. supports ultra-fast and fast-mode Plus I2C-bus controller, through the introduction of NXP to meet the growing needs of this market is always in the forefront. our new UFm bus control can handle up to 5 Mb / s data transmission, will greatly enhance the performance of advanced gaming systems, and provide a new framework for large LED displays. "
Facts / Highlights:
PCx966x I2C bus controller design advantages include:
• Easy programming of microcontrollers to achieve repeatability, data-intensive applications
• large-scale data transmission allows the system microcontroller interrupt to reduce at the same time to speed up the loading cycle
• Use a serial sequence can be achieved up to 64 slave communication
• Support for JTAG boundary scan
The new I2C UFm and Fm + technical characteristics include:
• from the parallel bus to I2C bus protocol converter and interface
• 5 Mb / s unidirectional data transmission with push-pull totem pole output channel of the ultra-fast mode (UFm)
• Use open-drain output in the fast-mode Plus (Fm +) channel 1 Mb / s bidirectional data transfer
• Each channel has 4,352 byte cache
• Serial-loop control function supports automatic re-launch the saved sequence
• Trigger input to the serial communication with external events fully synchronized