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Upload to the good news in the the EEPW the year 2011 power supply technology and products Award "Presentation Ceremony May 25, 2012, NXP Semiconductors products GreenChip power supply IC TEA1716 the SPR in the fierce competition, won the Best Award" for "green power. Power technology and product awards EEPW ("One of the important events annually organized by the Electronic Product World magazine), has so far successfully organized many sessions. The selection each year to the global power products manufacturers on a regular basis collecting outstanding products released in the past year, to vote by the expert review and users taken into account the final named its award-winning products enjoy a high reputation and authority in the industry.

NXP, The GreenChip the SPR the TEA1716 switch mode power supplies (SMPS) controller IC is the industry's first PFC and LLC resonant combination of controllers, to achieve ultra-low standby power consumption under low load, and in line with the EU eco-design directive will take effect in 2013 requirements. This intelligent power resonance (SPR) TEA1716 controller specifically designed for 90W to 500W power supply in SO24 package seamlessly integrates PFC and resonant half-bridge controller (HBC). With less than 150 mW no-load power and the universal power of 91% average efficiency, the TEA1716 standby efficiency, a new standard, is currently on the market only a load of about 250 mW standby power consumption is far much lower than the the 0.5W modular controller in full compliance with the EU Energy products Directive (EuP) Lot 6 requirements.