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Touch IC tablet device in a perilous position. Tablet device brand plant in order to save manufacturing costs and simplify system design, has adopted a multi-core processor built-in touch algorithm to replace the original touch-IC. Such as Google's recently launched Nexus7 equipped Tegra3 quad-core processor, containing Huida (NVIDIA) developed its own DirectTouch algorithm; this will cause no small impact on the development of the touch IC factory in the flat panel market.
Deng Yajun, chief analyst of Gartner's semiconductor applications and components, pointed out that multi-core processors into the touch algorithm design trends, the impact of touch control IC industry shipment growth in the flat panel market.
Gartner (Gartner), principal analyst of semiconductor applications and components, said Deng Yajun, flat-panel device touch panel size than smart phone, the touch control IC required cost is also higher in the multi-core processors into DirectTouch algorithms, will enable the operations of the touch control IC performed in the past, all transferred to the processor running, will help reduce the number of components in the tablet device space, to save manufacturing costs for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Deng Yajun further pointed out that the Nexus7 tablet that import DirectTouch algorithm to use this technology not only allows the implementation of the multi-core processors touch panel X, Y-axis coordinate data interpretation tasks, is also available for an extra core to improve the touch response and increase the accuracy of touch. More importantly, can dispense with the touch control IC, and to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), to simplify system design, and products to market faster.
In fact, in addition to Huida import DirectTouch algorithm in its quad-core processors, and used in Nexus7 tablet, Texas Instruments (TI) and Qualcomm (Qualcomm) has also planned to introduce a similar algorithm in their respective next-generation processor , when will the Cypress (Cypress), thinking (Synaptics) and Atmel (Atmel) touch control IC suppliers in the tablet market a considerable impact.
It is worth mentioning that the multi-core processors by adding a touch algorithm is expected to become the new design trend in the Tablet PC, but at this stage is still difficult to replace the smart phone in the touch control IC. Smart phone, touch control IC is less expensive, and the user mostly use only two fingers touch, OEMs need not spend a high cost to purchase the complex algorithm of touch; the other hand, the flat-panel touch control IC due to performance requirements and to support the multi-finger touch, the cost is relatively expensive, became components of OEM first want to save.
It is understood, including Compal, Quanta, original design manufacturers (ODM) have been shown in this year's Taipei International Computer Show (Computex) multi-core processors import DirectTouch algorithm system design platform to provide the Tablet PC brand factory more competitive product design, the sights on low-cost flat-panel market.