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Austriamicrosystems is a leading global provider of high-performance analog IC designers and manufacturers for consumer and communications, industrial, medical, automotive applications, industry services, the company has released a new intelligent LED driver chip AS3661 can control multiple 9 LED the fine indicator light for mobile devices, independent of the power consumption of the baseband processor.

The new consumer electronics devices, including 3G and LTE modem, USB memory stick, game controllers and headphones useful indicator can be used to improve the user interface of these devices, and the lighting effects of the high quality and low power consumption are these devices necessary.

AS3661 support a simple command-based programming. Three independent program execution engine to form three independent programmable LED group. This means that LED driver can be grouped according to function, for example, the first group of drivers can be used to control the keyboard lighting, used to generate a second set of "interesting light efficiency" (control a variety of LED light output), the three groups can be used to control instruction LED.

Each program execution engine can be driven 1-9 LED. AS3661 contains a total of nine LED channels, each channel drive current up to 25mA. Each of the nine channel has a dedicated 12-bit PWM controller, smooth color conversion and achieve linear fade-in fade-out effect on the number and ratio.

Program execution engine instruction is stored in the program memory, and a total capacity of 96 instructions, the user can be assigned a maximum 1.5kbit memory to the program execution engine needed. AS3661 smart LED driver chip with an I2C control interface (supports 4 I2C device address pin by chip select). The interface of the device is a flexible general-purpose output (GPO) can be used as the output of the control of other devices. INT output can notify the central processor at the end of the program execution. The device also provides a trigger input interface, in order to achieve synchronization between multiple AS3661.

To optimize battery life, the AS3661 design includes a variety of power-saving features. Each channel is less than 50mV (output current of 10mA) differential pressure operation, high efficiency 150mA charge pump powered by 1:1 and 1:1.5 mode automatically switches. In addition, when the LED is no output can automatically enter a power saving mode, when consuming only 10μA of current (typical value).

Senior Marketing Manager of austriamicrosystems optoelectronic products said Ronald Tingl,: austriamicrosystems leap innovation impressive new features for mobile phones and other consumer electronics devices market. AS3661 intelligent lighting driver chip allows system designers to provide the user with the functionality of the more eye-catching effects and had never experienced before. new portable devices really bring vivid colors. AS3661 austriamicrosystems lighting products series broaden the products including flash backlight dot matrix driver chips and powerful lighting management unit. "

AS3661 rich austriamicrosystems existing smart lighting driver IC products series include:

Enhanced version of AS3665, AS3661 can also drive the nine LED differs in that, the product having an audio sync pattern, the LED lights can be based on the brightness and color of the input audio transform.
AS3668, a simple intelligent 4-channel RGBW driver chips.