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Microchip Technology Inc. Announced a flexible, modular Explorer Microchip development system integration into the company of the recently acquired Roving Networks Wi-Fi ® modules to support all Microchip's 8, 16 and 32-bit PIC ® microcontrollers. RN-131 and RN-171 PICtail ™ / the PICtail Plus daughter board is the first by the the Microchip development of two products based Roving Networks module. These modules using a simple serial interface can be connected to any PIC microcontroller; certified Wi-Fi solutions program integrated TCP / IP protocol stack to achieve the industry's lowest power consumption and extends Microchip wireless product portfolio.
Microchip's Roving Networks RN-171 and RN-131 module is fully certified comprehensive network solutions, including real 802.11 b / g standard radio baseband processor, TCP / IP protocol stack and many network application functions. The program requires no external processor driver, you can achieve 4, 8, 16-bit and 32-bit processor, Wi-Fi connectivity. This the onboard protocol stack method, size small, greatly reducing the integration time and reducing the development effort, and ultra-low power consumption (Sleep mode 4 μA receive mode 35 mA transmit mode 120 mA).
Steve Caldwell, director of Microchip Wireless Products Division, said: "Through these unique module integrated into the standard PICtail / PICtail Plus board, Microchip's more than 70,000 customers to easily add Wi-Fi connectivity for the entire PIC microcontroller portfolio. Addition, the design can use standard development tools without integrated TCP / IP protocol stack, you can add the connection, thus speeding up the time to market and reduce R & D resources. "