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Linear Technology Introduces LT3796 100V, high side current sense DC / DC Controller, the device can be used to adjust the constant current or constant voltage, very suitable for driving high-brightness (HB) LED. 6V to 100V input voltage range supports a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial and architectural lighting. LT3796 using an external N-channel MOSFETs, available a nominal 12V input drive up to 85V white LED, and to provide more than 50W of power. The LT3796 is ideal for constant current and constant voltage charging to the battery or super capacitor. LT3796 high side current sense, can be used to boost, buck, buck - boost or SEPIC and flyback topology. In addition, the device provides the input and output current limiting and monitoring, in order to improve the reliability and design flexibility. The LT3796 can provide over 94% efficiency in boost mode, thereby minimizing external heat demand. A frequency adjust pin enables the user to be able to set the frequency range of 100kHz to 1MHz, optimizing efficiency while minimizing external component size and cost. The combination of thermally enhanced TSSOP-28 package, the LT3796 provides a highly compact high-brightness LED driver or charger solution.

LT3796 True Color PWM ™ (the true color PWM) dimming of up to 3000:1 dimming range provides constant LED color. Requires much less demanding dimming requirements, the CTRL pin can be used to provide a 10:1 analog dimming range. The device's fixed frequency, current mode architecture ensures stable operation in a wide power supply and output voltage range.

Sturdy open circuit and short circuit protection to maximize the overall system reliability, and C/10 detection to optimize the charging of batteries and supercapacitors design. Other features include frequency synchronization, programmable UVLO, and programmable fault restart the timer.