Compary Culture



1. Customer Orientated

Respecting to others, maintain corporation image.
Smiling to the customers with objection and initiative for resolving problem for customers.
Thinking with Standing the point of the customers, hold our ground principle to reach customer’s satisfaction.

2. Teamwork

Active to join team, taking delight in helping colleagues for each others to fulfill the teamwork.
Active to give advices before the decision making; totally support after the decision making.
Active to share the business knowledge and experiences.
Holding the active attitude to the team.

3. Acceptance of the changing, brave in innovation.

Acclimatizing selves to company’s daily changes without complain.
Facing the changing, treating with ration with full communication and honest cooperation.
Brave in innovation to find new method and new thoughts in work.

4. Honest, Practicing what you preach without the effectiveness of profit pressure.
Through right channel to deliver your opinions.

5. Active and optimism, never give-up to win the success.

6. Devotion, professional, persisting

7. Principal:
Environmental protection, care our planet
Loyal and reliable, customer focused
Partnership, co-operation
Forward-looking, professional management
Value-added services, good frame







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