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Beford Enterprises Ltd. Distributors world famous semiconductor integrated circuits. We have 12 years experience in IC field and have built up long term business relationship with about 30 companies which are stockers and authorized agents. In addition, according to customers’ demand and our judgement for the supply and demand situation in the market, we have prepared large quantity of advantage stock in order to provide a great convenience for OEM, EMS factory and we have also been the preferred choice for a vast number of traders.

Main professional field: Widely used in wireless communications, security and video surveillance, automotive electronics, instrumentation, medical equipment, industrial automation, household appliances, computers, portable devices and other consumer electronic products.

Main brands are: Microchip AD Dallas TI Maxim Murata Vishay Yageo OMRON Panasonic Tyco and also engaged in many other types of well-known brands of electronic components

Main products:
1.The wireless transmitter IC, wireless receiver IC, wireless transceiver IC, ZigBee chip, RFID radio frequency identification chip;
2.LDO buck regulator, voltage converters, voltage detection and reset IC, LED driver IC,
3.Differential / log / isolation amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, high-speed amplifiers, power operational amplifiers, temperature sensors;
4.ADC ADC, DAC digital to analog converter, audio codecs, video codecs, analog switches, digital switches;
5.NV SRAM, SRAM, DRAM; EEPROM, clock and timer.
6.Microprocessor, microcontroller, microprocessor,

With strict quality management system, professional procurement, logistics and business team, humane cooperation conditions, our company has received favorable comments from our customers. Except for providing quality products, our company made efforts to enhance the added value of our services, further more, we can also provide purchasing agent, inspection, shipping and customs clearance services by making advantage of our keen responsiveness for the market and perfect quality inspection system as well as our strong logistics team, consequently to save our customers’ time, labor costs, etc. Now we have won many Asian customers’ long-term trust and have become their most important strategic partner.